Ah, York.  Here we learned that the Tourist Information Offices get a percentage of the B&B bookings, in addition to their booking fee.  No wonder they always try to get you into a more expensive place.  Not many pictures from York, although it was one of our favorite stops.  I guess by now we were about ready to be home and took fewer pictures. 


 The York Minster, also called the Cathedral by the tour guide.  This is from a place on the City Wall, which has been restored and maintained since Victorian times.  The church has been rebuilt at least twice since the Romans had a temple on the same spot in the 2nd or 3rd century.  This is a most impressive building, inside and out, but too big to get really good pictures with a regular camera.  If you go there, you can see it for yourself.  The square tower on the left is over 200 feet high..

Neither one of us can remember what this is a picture of, or why we took it. It is in York.  Refer to comments in the first paragraph. 

If you went through these pictures in order, you have seen them all.  Any of these pictures can be sent to you individually in a larger file size, so that they would enlarge better.  Just let us know if you want one

We hope you enjoyed the pictures and comments from our trip.

Bill & Brenda.