From Wales we drove to Scotland, entering near Glasgow and going on up to the  little town of Balloch, which is on the "bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond."  It was a fun little place and our guest house host was very hospitable.  It was next to a very popular pub though, and our first night there they partied until 3 AM.

I think this is Loch Lomond.  Although the skies look threatening, we had nice weather during almost all of our time in Scotland.

I am sure this is Loch Lomond, maybe on the same day.

Sandy the piper, and Bill the traveler.  Sandy was a really friendly guy who knew how to work the travelers.  We very much enjoyed his piping. I bought a souvenir Scotland ball cap at this spot. 

 Just a scene from the Highlands area that shows off the dramatic scenery there.

A view of Loch Ness; it was pretty peaceful, and we never saw the monster.

This is an area in Edinburgh called Calton Hill, which is difficult to describe.  One of these buildings was the site of the Royal Observatory until 1893, but many of them seemed to have been constructed just because they looked so good sitting up on this hill.  We went up there and walked around one evening, but only the tall tower on the right seemed to have any current use.  The larger buildings on the lower right looked like government facilities, repair shops and the like.

The Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens were quite extensive; we had to sort of rush through them.  Most plants including trees were labeled, but in the Latin names, so Brenda knew many but had to guess at others.  We spent most of a day there.

The building at the top is Edinburgh Castle, parts of which date to the 12th century.  It is probably the highest point in Edinburgh, and least in the city proper; it is an uphill walk to get there.  A large part of it is devoted to Scottish Military Museums, and there is still a military unit of some kind stationed there.

The skyline of Edinburgh from Holyrood Park (pronounced Hollyrood).  That is the Castle on the left and I can't identify any other buildings in this picture.

That is all for Scotland; on to York.