In England, before the boat.

Brenda and I arrived a day before the Shorts and stayed over night in Farnum Common. 

We had dinner in a nice pub in Farnum Royal, just down the road a mile or so.

After Bill & Marcia Short arrived, we drove from Heathrow to Nantwich,  where we stayed over night in the best B&B of the trip, "The Limes" (no pictures).  The next day we went to Chester, where we turned in the rental car.  Chester is a medium size city. with some 15th century buildings.  Interesting town.

Bill & Marcia Short & Brenda on the street in Chester (Marcia is behind Brenda).

Another scene from the street in Chester (Bill Short in the middle of the street).

From Chester, we took a taxi to Bunbury where we picked up the boat.  Those pictures are in the "On the Boat" section.