April 2010

All the pictures are made smaller to facilitate viewing them on the web site.  Most can be enlarged by 'clicking' them.  Captions are on top of the pictures.

Bastille market place for Saturday Market with the Bastille Monument in the background

Place Des Voges, including Louis XIII Square (circa 1600)

Our first trip to Isle De La Cite


Notre Dame in background

Just to Prove I was there too

Notre Dame from across the Seine (Right Bank)

Pont Neuf (the New Bridge) Actually the oldest bridge in Paris

The Old Paris Opera House

Luxembourg Gardens on a weekday afternoon

The gardens surrounding the Senate (French House of Parliament)

And, the other side

Back to the Seine, I'm standing on Pont Notre Dame (Notre Dame Bridge)
The prominent building in the background is the Hotel De Ville (city hall)
(That bulge at my waist isn't me, that's my passport/money pack.)

We happened upon an encounter between some police, and what appeared to be a homeless man. 
He appeared to be doing most of the talking.

Just a pleasant view through the arches.

We went up to the Arc de Triompe, which is on the Champs-Elysées; cross only at the light.

I was able to get a little better picture, and cleaned it up 
a little (called "photo shopping," but it's not much better

Standing not far from the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower from the opposite side

The view from the top, looking Northwest with the new city of Paris in the background, 
and the Trocadero in the foreground.

The view from the top, looking Northeast, the River Seine below.

The view from the top, looking East, the prominent building is the des Invalides, or Musee des l'Armee.

The view from the top, looking Southeast, that building at the end of the park is the École Militaire, 
which is Napoleon's alma mater.

Looking Southwest, that's just Paris

And, the Eiffel Tower lit up for night, 
with part of the Trocadero gardens in the foreground.

Back to the City now, and a street by the Seine, in a rare moment of no traffic.

The Seine again with what I think is the Palace of Justice

The Seine with the Musee d'Orsay in the background

At the end of the Isle de la Cite (Island of the City)

Another view of the same park

A bunch of flowers at the other end of the same pak

Evidently, Parisians go a little crazy for good ice cream; the line is for Ben & Jerry's

I expect you can guess who this is; one of the very few pictures we took in the Lourve.
I have included, on another page, some professional pictures from the Louvre, for those that want to see them.

Back to the Seine and some of the many boats, both private and excursion, on the river.

All the classic thins of Paris: the River Seine, the Eiffel Tower, and a beautiful woman.

One more bridge, Pont Notre Dame, and we're off to Normandy

For pictures from Normandy, click the link below.